Stability Chambers

They are called stability chambers because they allow for a stable, controlled environment where all variables can be held constant while others are modified to test their effects. Stability chambers are primarily used to detect humidity and temperature ranges.

Stability chambers are used in research and product development for pharmaceutical, food technology, biomedical storage, life science, and more. Stability chambers can even be used to find a defect in a product prototype before it goes into full-scale production.

The humidity levels in a chamber are controlled through the use of humidity capsules. These capsules are pierced and placed in the chamber prior to testing. The test material is then placed in the test compartment and a special sensor cap is used to seal off the chamber. This cap collects and transmits vital data that will help in the research of the test material.

Chambers come in many sizes and some are basic while others can perform a long list of operations. Any business purchasing a stability chamber should consider their needs and the amount of available space in their facilities for such equipment.

Stability Chamber
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Tests are not limited to humidity levels, as many stability chambers are capable of testing everything from temperature to the effects of thermal shock. Some high-temperature applications are tested in chambers that can replicate conditions of over 200 degrees Celsius.

Sometimes stability chambers are used by pharmaceutical companies to prove the shelf life of a drug. Regulatory authorities want to know exactly how long a product can be stored before it expires

New chambers are tested for performance and must be regularly maintained during their lifetime. Since the tests performed in stability chambers have such drastic implications, it is critical that chambers function correctly and that their calibration for various conditions is absolutely exact.

Stability Chambers Stability chambers are a type of environmental test chamber that are used to measure the effects of particular circumstances on everything from biological materials, industrial materials, and even electrical components.