Environmental Testing

Environmental chambers are designed to test specific environmental conditions. Not all environmental chambers are the same. The functions vary based on the unique needs of the test. While most are designed to temper heat or throw salt, chambers can test multiple resilience’s.

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Weiss Technik is a worldwide leader in environmental testing as well as the design and manufacturing techniques of environmental test chambers. We offer a complete line of standard and custom chambers, from bench top models to full walk-in and drive-in solutions and meet any testing requirement. Not sure what you need? Let one of our applications engineers help. Weiss Technik is ISO 9001 registered and A2LA accredited.

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Environmental Testing List

Such as salt spray test, high and low temperature test, constant temperature and humidity test, ultraviolet aging test, xenon lamp aging test, ozone aging test and ovens.

Each test is designed to find fault in products or materials before they hit the mass market. Usually utilized while still in the design stage. This allows designers and engineers to adapt to faults and safety regulations. A product will not hit the market until it has a seal of approval.

Overall, there are many test chambers that may be useful for your application. A in house test chamber may offer benefit with constant use. However, a testing company offers unique insight and experience.