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Auto Technology Company (ATC) is a leading manufacturer of environmental test chambers designed for a variety of testing and research applications. The company has been providing innovative environmental test chambers to clients across various industries since 1987 and is headquartered in Strongsville, Ohio.

ATC's environmental test chambers are designed to provide reliable and precise testing conditions to meet specific testing requirements. The chambers are engineered to simulate extreme environmental conditions including temperature, humidity, pressure, and altitude to replicate real-world conditions. Their products include environmental chambers, walk-in chambers, thermal shock chambers, altitude chambers, and humidity chambers.

The company's environmental chambers are designed to maintain precise temperature and humidity control, making them ideal for a wide range of applications such as product testing, shelf-life studies, and stability testing. Walk-in chambers can be customized to meet specific testing needs and are available in a range of sizes to accommodate large equipment, vehicles, and components.

ATC's thermal shock chambers are designed to rapidly change temperatures in order to replicate extreme temperature conditions and are ideal for product reliability testing. Their altitude chambers are capable of simulating high altitude environments and are used for aerospace and defense testing. The company's humidity chambers are designed to maintain precise humidity levels and are ideal for product testing and research.

ATC's experienced engineers and technicians are capable of providing installation, maintenance, repair, calibration, and validation services for their environmental test chambers. They also provide technical support and training for their clients to ensure their equipment performs at peak levels.

In addition to their standard products, ATC can also provide custom environmental test chambers to meet unique testing requirements. They work closely with their clients to develop solutions that meet their specific needs. The company's commitment to quality, reliability, and innovation has earned them a reputation as a leader in the environmental test chamber industry.

Environmental Test Chambers Power Pages

Altitude Chambers

Altitude Chambers

An altitude chamber is a test chamber that is designed to simulate the altitude, vacuum, and temperature of environmental conditions at heights that match the flight patterns of all forms of aircraft, from commercial to military...

Climate Chambers

Climate Chambers

A climate chamber is an enclosed space that provides a controlled set of circumstances for testing the impact of various environmental and climatic conditions on industrial goods, commercial products, electronic devices, materials, and biological matter...

Environmental Chambers

Environmental Chambers

An environmental chamber is an enclosure used to test the effects of a variety of conditions on a product, component, part, or assembly. These highly technical pieces of equipment are capable of simulating the types of conditions a product may face while in use...

Humidity Chambers

Humidity Chambers

A humidity chamber is a mechanism that examines how products react when exposed to variations in humidity. This type of environmental testing is used by manufacturers to test the various parameters of their products in the harshest of conditions...

Stability Chambers

Stability Test Chamber

Stability chambers and rooms are climate-controlled environments that provide stable conditions for testing and storage. These specialized environmental chambers offer a precise, raised temperature or humidity to ascertain...

Temperature Chambers

Temperature Chambers

A temperature chamber is a controlled environment capable of producing conditions that a product will encounter during its use. These highly controlled technical tools are able to produce the types of hazards, uses, and atmospheres a product may endure...

Test Chamber

Test Chamber

A test chamber is a managed and controlled environment used to test the endurance, stability, and practicality of equipment, products, and chemicals. They are a controlled enclosure that mimics the effects of environmental conditions that a product may encounter during its usage...

Thermal Shock Chambers

Thermal Shock Chamber

Thermal shock chambers are climatic chambers for thermal shock testing that are utilized to put the material to serious shocks. This is accomplished through the repeated and sudden passage to low temperature areas from high...

Types of Test Chambers

Environmental Test Chamber

An environmental test chamber is a chamber that creates atmospheric conditions that can influence the performance, function, and capabilities of assemblies and components. It is a sophisticated instrument that provides data...

Vacuum Chambers

Vacuum Chamber

A vacuum chamber removes air and pressure from a confined enclosure to test the effects of a vacuum on parts, materials, components, and assemblies. It can also be used to test the performance of applications for manufacturing...


Cleanrooms Animation

A cleanroom is a specially designed enclosed space where airborne particulates have been limited or removed by a highly sophisticated filtration system. They are used by industries that require a highly controlled and monitored...

Cleanroom Products

Cleanroom Gloves

A cleanroom is a specially designed enclosed space where airborne particulates have been limited or removed by a highly sophisticated filtration system. They are used by industries that require a highly controlled and monitored...

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